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Adrenaline Junkie

By Jennifer Bleza on Feb 27, 2009 at 12:08PM in Member Articles
Jennifer Bleza and her Infinity G37S
Jennifer Bleza and her Infinity G37S

Can life get any better for Jennifer Bleza at the PDC?

Can life get any better? The last four years of my life have been very exciting. Here it is in point form:

  1. Buy a motorcycle.
  2. Get a motorcycle license.
  3. Take a motorcycle-racing course.
  4. Start motorcycle racing.
  5. Trade in race bike for a dirt bike.
  6. Start dirt biking.
  7. Start dirt bike club racing.
  8. Get motarded.
  9. Start racing supermoto.
  10. Buy a new car – a fast one.
  11. Take a PDC course.
  12. Hmmm…now what happens?

It seems that I have caught a disease that has no cure. There is a name for those inflicted, Adrenalin Junkies. How does a person cope with this hormonal disorder? My method is to interact with other individuals with the same disease. I tend to hang out at racetracks, bike shops, and now I’ve taken my obsession a step further to working at a car dealership.

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