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E-newsletter June 2009

By Michael Provenzano on Jun 14, 2009 at 02:30PM in Member Articles

E-newsletter for June 2009

New Website launched for 2009

For those of you that have not seen PDC’s new website yet, you are in for a treat.  PDC member, Ramin Towfigh, and his crew have done a fabulous job of creating a new website from the ground up.

There is improved functionality throughout the new website, including an automated event registration and payment feature, which is literally saving hundreds of hours of administrative work for PDC’s hardworking but unpaid executives.  There is also a new Gallery that makes uploading pictures a breeze and many other great features.

Take a look at to see all the changes for yourself. And while you are there, why not upload a picture or two or make a post on one of the Forums?

Celebrating a Decade of Performance

This year is PDC’s tenth year, and what a decade it has been! 

From a few events in 1999 to this year’s six local events and 17 affiliate events (plus a few special events that will be announced soon) PDC has grown and matured into a club that truly delivers on its promise to fulfil anyone’s ‘need for speed’.

In the early years, the cars driven at PDC’s events consisted primarily of Porsches and Vipers with a few BMWs for good measure. Now, our events now feature numerous marques from Japan, North America and Europe with both modern supercars and vintage sports cars sharing the track.

Our members are as varied as the cars we drive - our members range from students to retirees and from novices to seasoned track drivers.

  PDC’s Challenge Editor, Justina Lee, and Vice-President,  Brian Yeung, are two of the Club’s hardworking executives.

PDC’s success comes from the passion of its members for the Club and its events. But it works because of the dedication and hard work of its executives and volunteers. A sincere and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of the executives and volunteers over the years that have worked so hard at making PDC a success we can all be proud of. And special thanks to Dennis and Justina Lee for selflessly volunteering countless time in launching the Club in 1999 and running it through the last decade. We all owe you a big debt of gratitude.  

Two Down, and Four to Go

If you have not attended a PDC track event this year, then don’t delay any further. It is hard to believe but we are rapidly approaching the halfway mark - PDC has already held two sold-out events this year and the third event is selling out fast.

While the weather was somewhat ‘challenging’ (in keeping, one might suppose, with PDC’s logo ‘The Ultimate Driving Challenge’) with damp and wet conditions for the first two events, PDC members are a hardy bunch and proved their skills in keeping their cars on track while still enjoying track driving.

  A little rain could not keep Jennifer Bleeza (aka ‘Adrenaline Junkie’) from smiling at her first event of the year.

The ‘Ride with an Instructor’ program continues to be a huge success with First Time participants jockeying to get in some fast laps with their instructor or in their favourite car. The experience is often an epiphany for most participants when they find out how fast and smoothly a skilled instructor can pilot a car around the track.

Next Event is Monday, June 15th

There is no better way to enjoy driving your car than at speed on a racetrack.

  PDC Executives, Jim McAdie, Secretary (BMW) and Brian Yeung, VP (Porsche) enjoying a nice moment at Season Opening. 

Participants are reminded they must have a valid PDC membership to register for this event.  As well, if this is your first event for 2009, a properly completed Vehicle Inspection Form indicating your car successfully passed the inspection is necessary to participate. Details are on our website.

Welcome New & Returning Sponsors
  PDC is pleased to announce its sponsors for 2009, some of which are new and some of which have been sponsors for many years. This year’s sponsors are:
  McL Motor Cars (welcome back, to a long time sponsor of PDC)
  Driver’s Edge Autosport (a founding sponsor, Frank Micucci, is well known to many PDC members)
  Clarkdale VW (welcome to this new sponsor for 2009)
  Designo Auto House (a familiar face, Samson Chan, is a continuing sponsor for 2009 - thank you!)
  Autowest BMW and Mini of Richmond (welcome to this new sponsor for 2009)
  DigiTech Printing (a long time sponsor and official printer to PDC -  thank you!)
  GP F/X (well known to many PDC members, Andy Wong, is a source of fine graphics for helmets and cars and more)
  Jim KC Fraser, CA (Jim Fraser, a Chartered Accountant, a PDC member is returning as sponsor for 2009)
  World Insurance Services Ltd. (Bosco LI is a long-time PDC member, and is is a returning sponsor for 2009)


Track Tip from a PDC Instructor

Using all of the track is a basic skill of high performance driving but something not a lot of people do, whether at a PDC event or even racing. Luckily, it is an easy skill to learn.

The next time you are at the track, try lapping slightly slower and make sure you are within six inches of every turn in, apex, and exit cone. Use your first lap out and your cool down lap to get within two inches of every cone. Ask your instructor to check the distances for you. To many of us, two feet feels like six inches!

Soon you will be using the whole track, and you will also begin going faster because the track is now straighter than it used to be!
  PDC Member, Phil Linzey, on his way to clipping a nice apex. Fine line, Phil!

  Mark has been a professional Stunt Driver since 1987. Check out his brand new book “The Secret Art of Stunt Driving- All the insider tricks of driving at the edge” at

Pictures and Articles are Welcomed

Remember that we welcome your pictures from a PDC track day (or any other motorsport event) to be posted on our website. Please upload them at:

  ‘Can you believe this guy - not only is he my brother, but he is a PDC member!’

  Also, any articles you may wish to submit for the year-end issue of The Challenge are welcomed. E-mail your submissions to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

How Can You Get Involved with the PDC?

We often get asked by members how they can become more involved in the Club events. One of the best ways is to assist the Tech Inspection Team with its morning inspection of cars for the event. Not only will you meet some of the executives and other volunteers and participants but you will get a chance to learn about some of the great cars and their owners that take part in our events.
  PDC Member, former executive and all around great guy, Jonathan Suzuki, volunteering at the morning tech inspection.

  Contact our Tech Team Chairs/Directors, Rob & Phil Boznik at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you want to assist.

Did you Thank a Turn Worker at the Last Event?

Regardless if the weather is wet or dry, hot or cold, turn workers spend long hours at their corner making sure it is safe for us to drive around the track.  The next time you are driving your cool down lap, remember to give them a wave,  as a small ‘thank you’ for doing their job so we can have fun.

Street Racing is Stupid!

PDC encourages every member to spread that message. There is only one place for high speed driving - on the racetrack. So if you know someone who needs a little education about high performance driving, encourage them to join PDC. It will definitely be the biggest favour you can do for them. At the least, it will teach them all about high performance driving. And it could save a life.

Support our Sponsors

It is through the generosity of our sponsors that we are able to make PDC the very best club we can. The sponsors provide a wide variety of products and services. Visit their websites from for full details. Please consider them first when you are in the market for their products and services.

PDC Supports BC Rehab

Many victims of serious motor vehicle accidents benefit from the services offered by BC Rehab, an independent, non-governmental, non-profit society. That is why PDC is a proud supporter of BC Rehab From each participation fee paid for a PDC track event, $5.00 is donated to BC Rehab. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but over the years, PDC has collected close to $10,000 for BC Rehab. So remember that when you are enjoying your day at the track, you are also helping a organization that is helping British Columbians.


We want your feedback.
Is there something that you would like to see in this Newsletter? Or some sort of event that you would like PDC to take part in? If so, please let us know. Send your suggestions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

  Michael Provenzano
  Performance Drivers Club
  Take it to the track!

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