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E-newsletter August 2010

By Michael Provenzano on Sep 29, 2010 at 04:26PM in

PDC E-Newsletter for August 2010

PDC Newsletter - August 2010

Next Event - Tuesday, September 21st

This is it PDCers - our last event of the season!
Beautiful fall weather, two hours of track time for each run group, race trained instructors from Driving Unlimited and a delicious catered lunch - all for the same low price as an event in 2009. How can anyone not love that? I couldn’t and have already signed up.

Following our very successful August event, we expect this event to fill up quickly. September is always a great month - cool, crisp air, colourful leaves and sunshine - just perfect for a day at the track. So don’t be left out because you were too slow to register and have to wait until next year to fulfill your ‘need for speed’, register for the event now and put a smile on your face - guaranteed!

Register Now:


Reminder: If this is your first PDC event this year, remember that you need to have an annual safety inspection carried out on your car and bring your completed Vehicle Inspection Form
signed by and bearing the stamp of the inspection facility to confirm that your vehicle meets the requirements to go on the track.

Instructors Corner… Mark Aisbett, PDC Instructor

Building a skyscraper and driving a car fast have a lot in common

Everyone knows how to build a skyscraper, right? Yeah, me neither, but I DO know that you first have to dig a big hole and then you start slowly building from the bottom up. Eventually you’ll have this mega story building that stands there, even in the worst of storms. I also know that it’s the depth of the hole that dictates how high you can build the building….
Driving a car at the edge of control is very similar. First you have to lay a solid foundation of the proper skills (digging the hole), then you have to start building your skill level brick by brick. In the driving world, these bricks are good habits.
Habits are cool. It’s like, once you learn them, they’re there. You take something from being a conscious effort and make it unconscious. And when your habits become so ingrained that they are a part of you, it’s called ‘instinctual.’
So when you start to learn a new skill in driving, you are forming a new habit, that will eventually become an instinct. Since most driving happens on an unconscious or instinctual level, the better your habits, and the more ingrained they are, the better driver you become.
When you are out for a track day, it’s like you’re doing an intensive course on instilling proper habits. The real payoff for you and your friends and family is if a ‘situation’ comes up on the road. It’s the skills you’ve converted to habits that are now instinct, that will get you out of it. Bad habits equals smash, crash, and burn. Good habits means that your heart beats a little faster for a couple minutes….. BIG DIFFERENCE!
So start digging, and keep building, the construction is a blast!
On with the fun,
Mark. Aisbett
PDC Instructor

*Check out some stunt driving videos on my new blog at

August Event was Awesome!

After a great opener with our Lapping Day on July 4th, our August event was all that we had hoped for. Great weather, fast corners and faster straights, a catered lunch and professional instruction from the highly trained instructors of Driving Unlimited and PDC. It was awesome.
It was also great to see a couple of famous brother teams at the event, namely:
• Alex and Kris Klimek - also known as the Audi Boys - back for more high speed fun in our Intermediate Group.
• Duncan Lee, brother of our Membership Registrar, Edwin Lee, come from his home in Hong Kong where he races on various supertracks, including Shanghai’s Formula 1 race track, to share his skills and enthusiasm with us. Duncan told us he found Mission’s track to be very technical and challenging, but he failed to mention that it could fit within the turn 4-7 complex of Shanghai!
Thanks goes to all of the Tech Team members and other selfless volunteers that worked so hard to make the event a great success.

Congratulations to Phil Boznik

One of PDC’s Tech Team Chairs, Phil Boznik, recently became a married man. Being a confirmed PDCer, however, meant that Phil attended our August event on a Tuesday and then got married on a Friday. No word whether the honeymoon was near a race track but if I had to guess…....

Pictures and Articles are Welcomed

Remember that we welcome your pictures from a PDC track day (or any other motorsport event) to be posted on our website. Please upload them at:

Volunteers are Also Welcomed

We often get asked by members how they can become more involved in the Club events. One of the best ways is to assist the Tech Inspection Team with its morning inspection of cars for the event. Not only will you meet some of the executives and other volunteers and participants but you will get a chance to learn about some of the great cars and their owners that take part in our events.

Contact our Tech Team Captains, Rob & Phil Boznik at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you want to assist.

Did you Thank a Turn Worker at the Last Event?

Regardless if the weather is wet or dry, hot or cold, turn workers spend long hours at their corner making sure it is safe for us to drive around the track. The next time you are driving your cool down lap, remember to give them a wave, as a small ‘thank you’ for doing their job so we can have fun.

PDC Supports BC Rehab

Many victims of serious motor vehicle accidents benefit from the services offered by BC Rehab, an independent, non-governmental, non-profit society.  That is why PDC supports BC Rehab []
From each participation fee paid by a member for a PDC track event, $5.00 is donated to BC Rehab. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but over the years, PDC has collected thousands of dollars for BC Rehab. So remember that when you are enjoying your day at the track, you are also helping a organization that is helping British Columbians.

Street Racing is Stupid!

PDC encourages every member to spread that message. There is only one place for high speed driving - on the racetrack. So if you know someone who needs a little education about high performance driving, encourage them to join PDC.  It will definitely be the biggest favour you can do for them. At the least,  it will teach them all about high performance driving. And it could save a life.

Michael Provenzano


Performance Drivers Club


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