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E-newsletter May 2011

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E-newsletter for May 2011

PDC Newsletter – May 2011

PDC’s Next Event: A Lapping Day on Tuesday, June 14th

Our next event will be in a format that has been very popular with members - a lapping day. Open to those drivers who have previously attended two PDC events at Mission, lapping days offer an emphasis on seat time and provide an opportunity to practice entries and exits, fine tune braking points and put a big smile on your face.

PDC Event Director, Brian Yeung, practices a manoeuvre known as ‘Follow the Bimmer on Jim McAdie.

Don’t miss this event. Registration is now open.

Introduce a Friend to PDC, and you BOTH get a 50% rebate on your entrance fee!

The only thing better than a track day, is a track day on sale.  For those of you that want the bottom line, that is a $250 track day for only $140.90 (and, for you number crunchers, the refund is equal to the event fee, before HST, less the $5.00 BC Rehab donation, divided by two).

PDC Treasurer, Anthony Mak, is wickedly fast with a refund, and in his 911 TT

PDC wants to see some new faces at our events, so we are now offering a 50% rebate on our usual event fee for both first time participants and the PDC member that brings them into the Club. If you qualify, be sure to notify our Treasurer, Anthony Mak, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and he will make sure you get your 50% rebate.

A July (extra) long weeked to remember: Monday, July 4th Event

This year, make the Canada Day long weekend in July extra special by turning it into a four day long weekend and attending PDC’s ‘Fourth of July’ event. There won’t be fireworks, hotdogs or apple pie, but there will be an entire day of high speed fun on Monday, July 4th, a catered lunch (with sufficient registrations) and driver education provided by PDC and Driving Unlimited in our new format that provides more track time than ever before. The long range weather forecast has guaranteed a dry, sunny day and PDC guarantees a fantastic time.

America’s red, white and blue sports car of Jack Price followed by Skip Yeng’s 911

Registration is now open at We think quite a number of PDC members will register for our Fourth of July Event, so please be sure to register early to avoid missing out. We look forward to seeing you there.

Register Early and be entered to win a GoPro HD Camera

Sadly, our May event was cancelled due to low registrations. In PDC’s eleven year history this has never happened before. While the terrible May weather may have been a factor, PDC’s executive have resolved to provide a worthwhile incentive to register early. That is why, for our July 4th event, the first 20 members to sign up for and attend the event will be entered into a draw to win a GoPro HD Camera.

GoPro Hero 960 High-Definition Camera
With a 170-degree wide-angle lens and HD video capture, the HD Hero 960 is a wearable camera that lets you record all your extreme adventures with ease. It comes complete with a helmet front mount, head strap, and two adhesive mounts, and a waterproof housing so it’s ready for all the fun indoors or out.

Features: The HD HERO 960 features a 170-degree wide-angle lens and HD resolutions 960p (1280 x 960) and 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per second. It also snaps 5MP still shots, and can be set in time lapse mode shooting a photo every 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds so you grab that insane split second moment of awesomeness.

• 5MP still camera can be set in single shot mode, self timer, 3 photo burst or time lapse mode
• Ultra-durable housing construction lets you go for a swim down to 180 feet (60m) deep
• A head strap allows you to wear the camera like a headlamp; you can also pull this strap over helmets for easy camera sharing between friends
• Flat and curved surface adhesive baseplates easily adhere onto a surface with simple click on and quick release mounting
• Helmet front mount is a curved extension arm that makes it easy to mount the HD HERO 960 on the front of a helmet like a miner’s light or headlamp; also allows for the camera to be extended out in front of the helmet and pointed back at the wearer, allowing for incredible self portrait videos and photos of the action

The GoPro Camera produces fantastic HD in-car videos and is very popular in the track day community. Register early for the July 4th event and become eligible to win a GoPro HD Camera of your own.


Instructors Corner… Mark Aisbett, PDC Instructor

A man’s passion

My breath caught in my throat. I swallowed hard, fighting back my unreasonable urge to flee. My age-old battle between longing and fear. Why did I always react like this when we had been apart, even if only for a short time?
My friend has always, and probable will always, have this effect on me. She seemed so demure just sitting there. A beautiful princess waiting to go to the ball. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. I walked up and said hello in my own, silent way. She purred her hello back. I would have said she smiled, gave me that special look that only she can give, the one that said, let’s go! What are we waiting for? Life, experience, pleasure, all are just around a corner, waiting for us. All we have to do is grasp them. Grab hold and squeeze all we can out this small part of life that is us. That pure and simple part of us that we love and need. Now I knew why I loved her so much. She allowed me to be the free and wild spirit that is so much of who I am, and so much of what I truly need.
That one beautiful look of hers conveyed all of this, and more to me. How long had we known each other? A lifetime, possibly more. We seemed so; connected. So made for each other. Our communication having reached an almost spiritual level.
I looked at her again. God! She was beautiful. I simply loved her every curve and the way she carried herself. As I take in this incredible picture I am gripped by the presence of her power.  Raw, untethered, and irrepressible. Equally at home with either royalty or assassins, I thought.
Finally I heeded her look, went over to her. She took me in her loving embrace. I turned the key, gripped her wheel and we drove off as one.

On with the fun,
Mark. Aisbett
PDC Instructor

*Check out some stunt driving videos on my blog at

Pictures and Articles are Welcomed

Remember that we welcome your pictures from a PDC track day (or any other motorsport event) to be posted on our website. Please upload them at:

Volunteers are Also Welcomed

We often get asked by members how they can become more involved in the Club events. One of the best ways is to assist the Tech Inspection Team with its morning inspection of cars for the event. Not only will you meet some of the executives and other volunteers and participants but you will get a chance to learn about some of the great cars and their owners that take part in our events.

Contact our Tech Team Captains, Rob & Phil Boznik at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you want to assist.

Did you Thank a Turn Worker at the Last Event?

Regardless if the weather is wet or dry, hot or cold, turn workers spend long hours at their corner making sure it is safe for us to drive around the track. The next time you are driving your cool down lap, remember to give them a wave, as a small ‘thank you’ for doing their job so we can have fun.

PDC Supports BC Rehab

Many victims of serious motor vehicle accidents benefit from the services offered by BC Rehab, an independent, non-governmental, non-profit society.  That is why PDC supports BC Rehab []

From each participation fee paid by a member for a PDC track event, $5.00 is donated to BC Rehab. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but over the years, PDC has collected thousands of dollars for BC Rehab. So remember that when you are enjoying your day at the track, you are also helping a organization that is helping British Columbians.

Street Racing is Stupid!

PDC encourages every member to spread that message. There is only one place for high speed driving - on the racetrack. So if you know someone who needs a little education about high performance driving, encourage them to join PDC.  It will definitely be the biggest favour you can do for them. At the least,  it will teach them all about high performance driving. And it could save a life.

Michael Provenzano


Performance Drivers Club


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